domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Arts Power

Painting is an art, and the art in its whole is not a vain objets creation which get lost in the void, but a power which has a goal and must serve to the evolution and to the refinement of the human soul. 
Wassily Kandinsky, 1912

Art is not the same visualised from the marketplace than lived within the workplace. This space of creation is what I wanted to bring forward with these ten short essays, outlines of personal reflections for EQUANIMA.

The working methodology in the development process of a painting, the relationship with the materials, calculated improvisations, knowledge and passion towards the work, having own judgment and striving to accomplish a dream, are experiences worth sharing when you’re an artist.

To make such exchange of insight possible, remember that to think is to do and to do is to think, that cognitions with no sensitivity equals emptiness and that humble interactions between people is the key to progress and wisdom within a culture.

If innovation and creativity are important we should stand up for such with action, making the right decisions, promoting and developing them in our work and that of our colleagues.

Art binds action and thought together. It is useful creation because when being created it personally enriches oneself, and when sharing it embeds mutual progress.

Initially published in Spanish for EQUANIMA 14/06/12
Translated by Marina Carbó
Picture: Rosa Mascarell "Mnemosyne" (fragment) 
Gold, thread and egg tempera on panel

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